With over a decade of experience with the Design &  BUILD-OUT of Cannabis Cultivation Facilities Nationwide



Why do most Growers Struggle?

Most aspiring commercial growers have problems, because they don’t understand scaling up to 300 light commercial grow requires planning and design.  They often install grow room equipment they see at the latest convention. 

  • What they don’t realize is for ever 10 new equipment vendors at the convention.  40% will be out of business in 3 years.
  • They don’t understand that 75%-80% of success in commercial growing is in environmental.   Growindustriesinc are experts in grow environment designs.  We have numerous testimonials on Instagram on how our design and implementations have gotten growers to yield over 3 lbs. per 1000w DE light. The quality of their product is excellent.
  • These growers often watch YouTube videos, trying to DIY their AC and dehumidification systems.  This often leads to humidity and temperature problems.   Bad environments result in poor results.

In the end, you have frustrated growers and investors.

With Over the last 10 years of business, our expert team of Cannabis Consultants have been serving the needs of growers and Cannabis investors.  Hence why we are so successful today. You can count on us to get the job done professionally & discreet no matter how big or small the job at hand is.

  • 300 to 4000 Light Commercial Facilities
  • HPS, LEC, LED Lighting System
  • Our  Grow Rooms Yields on Average Yield 2.5 lbs/ per light (1000W)
  • State of the Art Grow Rooms to Full Turn Key Facilities
  • Full Engineering Team Licensed In Legal Cultivation States

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