Environmental Design

We have the knowledge and experience needed to help you determine the best possible solution that will fit your budget while not sacrificing performance and quality. What we ensure is that the right amount of cooling/heating, Humidity RH% and Wet Bulb, VPD, proper air movement, reliability, and proper functioning is a part of every system we design and have installed if needed.

Temperature Control

Designing the right climate control system for any grow operation is far from standard HVAC. Coming from a traditional Commercial HVAC background, we have seen every type of system there is that can be installed. There are pros and cons to each, which is why it is important identify the specific needs of each individual grow, and design the optimal system, not just an AC unit. Temperature control is not just buying a specific AC brand or model and calling it a day.

Humidity Control

Humidity promotes mold, dust and allergen growth. High amounts of humidity also cause the materials in the surrounding environment to rot. Humidity control systems add or remove water vapor from indoor air to stay within proper humidity ranges. When moisture equals heat, and potential product loss, it is important to regulate a rooms humidity levels with tried & true technology. Refrigeration based dehumidifiers control humidity with dedication and ease. Energy efficiency overall is much higher when humidity control is integrated with temperature control.

Co2 Disbursement

90% of the dry matter inside any cannabis plant consists of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. The majority of this is carbon. Carbon is absorbed through the plant through carbon dioxide. The levels of Co2 that a plant consumes and needs are correlated to the amount of light that the plants are subjected to. Regardless of the amount of light that is provided, the product will only grow to certain lengths depending on the amount of Co2 that is available in the environment. Without receiving the adequate amount of Co2, most of the available light goes to waste and isn’t consumed. The more light a plant is subjected to, more Co2 is required for photosynthesis to take place. Utilizing a pressurized Co2 disbursement system, allows your plants to reach maximum production potential, lower your energy consumption compared to burning propane, and increase your operations efficiency.

Grow consulting

If your not making your yield, after we built you the perfect grow environment.   We have partners that can help make sure your getting over 2.5 lbs a light.  In addition, They will make sure the quality of the product is consistently good.  They will develop procedures to reduce human error and keep the facility operating in profitable manner.

Grow Genetics

We have partnerships with top breeders.  We can get you access to rare strains to differentiate you from other cultivation facilities in your area. We give you the edge to get premium dollar for your product.

Cannabis consultants

Having problems finding real estate zoned correctly?  Don't have lawyers to get you licensed in your state?  We have strategic partners that will help you find facilities and get you the proper licensing so your compliant with all state laws.   We can help you with every state of your journey into the commercial cannabis industry.  We have a proven track record.

Our Partners