Our Testimonials


Client Testimonials

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"Want the absolute perfect environment. After getting quotes from Grow Industries we decided because of budget reasons we would instead hire a large HVAC company who said they had experience in the industry and would design/install the perfect system. Well after losing our first crop in week 5 of bloom, buying extra dehumidifiers and blowing a 200k budget of operating expense over the first year alone we went back to these guys and hired them to do a rip and strip. After a couple weeks of hiring them we finally had our perfect environment. We estimate we would have saved over $400,000 if we would have just hired them from the beginning!" 

—Experience Organic Cannabis Co., 2016

"Thank you for the ability to control our environment precisely with the simple touch of a button!" 

—Fire Bros, 2014

"Reliability, service and professionalism. Such a pleasure working with such knowledgeable people." 

—Mr. Spliff, 2014

"Top quality service. Grow Industries are the guys to talk to if you're looking for professional, discreet, top quality Environmental control systems." 

—TKO Reserve - 2014

"Grow Industries was an essential part of our success! The Trane Climate Control system they installed keeps our colas fat and healthy." 

—Deepwater Botanicals, 2014

"The only guys I'll use again! If you're in Washington or across the country and need help, these guys are the homies to call!!! These are the only guys I'll use again." 

—Aurum Farms, 2013