Framed Wall Construction VS Pre-fab grow panels. What your GC doesn’t want you to know.


The introduction of prefab grows panels like cannapanelz our brand of choice, takes grow room design in cannabis cultivation facilities to a new level.  These panels systems are often 20-30 percent faster to install.  They use a slip lock interlocking mechanism.  This makes install very easy.  General Contractors don’t like these panel systems because it takes work away from them. 

No more of the following:

  • Framing the the wall using wood or steel.
  • Putting down drywall on both sides.
  • Using some sort of waterproof material to put over the drywall.

That’s been replaced with:

  • A track system
  • Putting the panel on track and lock each panel in place with some sort of interlock mechanism.
  • The system is waterproof and rot proof.
  • The system is also removal, which is great benefit if your leasing the site.

The Insulated Foam Core gives an excellent R Factor.   Which you can increase by increasing panel thickness.   

To be completive in the dynamic market places of the cultivation market.  You need to start incorporating better material in your future build outs.



Why do HVAC Systems for grow operations cost so much?



Why do I have to pay twice as much for HVAC from Manufacturer B compared to Manufacturer A?

We got a call from a prospective client the other day.  After 30 min on the phone they couldn’t grasp the importance of HVAC Systems for grow operations?

I really should just rephrase the question do you really want to risk million-dollar operation to save a few thousand dollars?

I think newbie commercial growers don’t understand the importance of HVAC Systems.  As cannabis consultants who been involved in 500+ cultivation operations.   We often see the tragedy that occurs when clients take shortcuts with their grow environment.

The environment is 70% to 80% of cultivation success.   I would say HVAC System and Good System Design is extremely important to commercial cultivation operation.

When growing high valve crop,  You want the following things in your system:

  • Reliability
  • Redundancy
  • Customer Service
  • Designed and Sized Correctly
  • Efficiency

Without going into much technical details.   In general, higher priced units will work much better in grow rooms.   Often the weakest link in most systems is HVAC Systems.   How many times have you seen HVAC go out in commercial buildings?   Plenty of Times.

Imagine HVAC failure when you $200,000 worth of crop growing in the room.  Do you really want to risk that?

Many newbie commercial growers often see HVAC units as typically same. They compare BTU tonnage and go with the cheaper unit.   This is a recipe for disaster.

Once you’re in production, you really can’t afford a failure, you got massive monthly overhead which needs to be paid for every month.

So how much time do you have to fix a broken or malfunctioning HVAC Unit while in full production?  A few hours at the most.


The best practice

Spend the time and money get the system designed correctly would professionals with years of experience.

Make sure they test the units thoroughly before entering production.

Always factor in your dehumidification needs.

Design for redundancy.

Plan for emergencies.


Grow Consulting - Case Study 3+ lbs a light

Why do most growers struggle?


There often a disconnect between grower and investor.  The investor wants to minimize his exposure.  He gets a few quotes, not knowing problems associated with scaling into a commercial cannabis market.

He chooses the cheaper quote.   These less then reputable installers,  go with the cheaper hardware.   In the case if @cookiejarcannabis this almost cost him his dream.

He was struggling to make yield only getting about 1 lbs. per  1000w HPS de light.

Growindustriesinc came to the rescue redesigned the whole facility improving efficiency and yield.


Happy Ending

Casey head grower at @cookiejarcannabis has been able to pull 3+ a lbs. a light for last 2 years consistently.

  • Product Quality is excellent

  • Tremendous increase in yield (from 1 lbs. to 3+ lbs.)

  • Facility efficiency has gone up tremendously



In the end of the day, cutting corners can lead growers into disaster.  Growindustriesinc has a proven record of accomplishment in cannabis cultivation facility design.


Thanks @cookiejarcannabis.  You have a beautiful @juicedgrow

Grow Industries Strategic Partners

I think the one thing that sets Growindustriesinc apart from other cannabis grow consultants is our vast partnership with the best vendors in the industries.

Today I wanted to feature some of work of our panel partner.  We always strive to work with visionary companies.  We source USA manufactured hardware when possible.

We vet our partners, making sure they are financially stable and have been in business for many years. Our panel maker warranties these panel with 20+ year warranty.

Here some of the interesting things our interior pre-fabrication constructions partner has done.  We also look for financially solid companies with years of experience in their field.

I think with our continuous focus of building the best facilities and making customers happy.  We always seek to work cutting edge vendors.

Here a sample of their work.

Load bearing Mezzanine movable to facilitate Aircraft Maintenance.

We try to maximize space constrained facilities with load bearing second floors.   Cannabis facility in Southern California.