cannabis cultivation

Framed Wall Construction VS Pre-fab grow panels. What your GC doesn’t want you to know.


The introduction of prefab grows panels like cannapanelz our brand of choice, takes grow room design in cannabis cultivation facilities to a new level.  These panels systems are often 20-30 percent faster to install.  They use a slip lock interlocking mechanism.  This makes install very easy.  General Contractors don’t like these panel systems because it takes work away from them. 

No more of the following:

  • Framing the the wall using wood or steel.
  • Putting down drywall on both sides.
  • Using some sort of waterproof material to put over the drywall.

That’s been replaced with:

  • A track system
  • Putting the panel on track and lock each panel in place with some sort of interlock mechanism.
  • The system is waterproof and rot proof.
  • The system is also removal, which is great benefit if your leasing the site.

The Insulated Foam Core gives an excellent R Factor.   Which you can increase by increasing panel thickness.   

To be completive in the dynamic market places of the cultivation market.  You need to start incorporating better material in your future build outs.