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Grow Consulting - Case Study 3+ lbs a light

Why do most growers struggle?


There often a disconnect between grower and investor.  The investor wants to minimize his exposure.  He gets a few quotes, not knowing problems associated with scaling into a commercial cannabis market.

He chooses the cheaper quote.   These less then reputable installers,  go with the cheaper hardware.   In the case if @cookiejarcannabis this almost cost him his dream.

He was struggling to make yield only getting about 1 lbs. per  1000w HPS de light.

Growindustriesinc came to the rescue redesigned the whole facility improving efficiency and yield.


Happy Ending

Casey head grower at @cookiejarcannabis has been able to pull 3+ a lbs. a light for last 2 years consistently.

  • Product Quality is excellent

  • Tremendous increase in yield (from 1 lbs. to 3+ lbs.)

  • Facility efficiency has gone up tremendously



In the end of the day, cutting corners can lead growers into disaster.  Growindustriesinc has a proven record of accomplishment in cannabis cultivation facility design.


Thanks @cookiejarcannabis.  You have a beautiful @juicedgrow